tuesday’s tip: go big!

While my style may not be crazy, outlandish, someone-check-her-pill-cabinet wild…it’s still fun, unique, and most of all….me.

Like my thoughts (hello random!), I tend to swing on a large pendulum when it comes to accessorizing. On a random day, I could be wearing my normal studs in my ears (although I DO have six earring holes…so not quite normal), my engagement ring, and the gold heart shaped necklace with “Becca” enscribed on it around my neck. Simple. Easy. Classic.

The very next day? I’m rocking an entire forest of animal rings across my knuckles, from opposums, to my giant deer head thumb ring (complete with huge antlers). Rows of bangles and my grandmother’s bamboo bracelet adorn my wrists, while 3 long-chained pendants swing from my neck. It looks as if a trunk show has crash landed on my body….and I love it.

What’s my point in all this? Well, the point is…take risks, meander a bit outside your normal box, and don’t be afraid to GO BIG when it comes to accessories! Sometimes the more really IS the merrier!

hearts and hugs,


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