just keep swimming…and flying…and crawling…

This weekend was, well….different. What was supposed to be a weekend of rest, relaxation, and sleeping under the stars turned into rest, relaxation, and sleeping in my own bed….

so I guess it wasn’t too different… 😉

Actually, the gang was going to head out to Turner Falls, Oklahoma for our bi-annual camping trip. Dark clouds and impending (and eventual) tornadoes kept us home, though, with an open schedule and a thirst for something fun, so plans were quickly changed to accommodate our new locale. Saturday morning, Chris and I headed out to the Dallas World Aquarium to check out the cuties in the cages…it was such a fun excursion being with someone who knew the names of the animals before even looking at the description. Conversations usually went like this:

“Thats a (insert crazy name of bird)…Yeah, Daryl {Chris’ stepmom} used to breed those back home in South Africa…Crazy birds…”

“He has a cute belly”

“Yeah, these birds have the ability to (insert random, educational fact here).”

“I like his feathers…they’re fluffy!”

…..I usually called the animals a “he”, and more often than not would make general statements about their hygiene, the color of their fur/feathers/etc. as well as their ability to make me laugh. The otters did a wonderful job of this, as shown in the video below…

 After the aquarium, we drove over to the “M” streets of Dallas for some tasty tacos at the very trendy, yet very HOOD Taco Joint. Oh yes, the Taco Joint is located by a barred-window barber shop, where not only can you get a cut, but they even provide “curlz, gelz, perfumes and thangz.” Oh yes….it is legit. The tacos are tasty, and the line is usually out the door, so while you wait…why not get a perm?

Tacos were consumed, bellies were filled, and we were off to walk the streets of the Knox/Henderson neighborhood, perusing a quaint novelty store, then heading over to Pottery Barn to “fake” decorate our “fake new home”. It’s so much fun when money isn’t an object and you live in a fantastic home! 😉

Later in the afternoon we set out for the Pearl Cup, a cute coffee shop back over in the M streets. We drank lattes while discussing ideas for our engagement shoot….We also pretended to pose for photos. You know, just for practice…. 🙂

Finally, after a full day, we headed back to Flower Mound and over to my parents house to raid their movie cabinet and big screen t.v….We ended the night sprawled on the couch with my parents dog Maya, takeout pizza and Lord of the Rings….not a bad end to a day!

hearts and hugs,



  1. Chuffed that I get a mention on your blog. Does that make me famous?

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