happy birthday mems!

Today is a great day. My mom was born on this day 56 years ago. The woman with whom I share my looks, my quirky personality, and that adorable little snort-filled laugh ;).

Memsie (as I like to call her) is sweet, sincere, passionate, loving, and most of all, an amazing Godly wife and mother. She’s birthed three beautiful children (if I do say so myself…) and through the years has been a soccer mom, PTA mom, swim mom, volleyball mom….you name it, she’s been it.

I’ve been blessed to live close by, and cherish our travels together, our occasional dinners, and the ever random game nights.

Most of all, though, I cherish our friendship. Somewhere along my timeline, my mother went from being a mom to being a friend. She is still my mother, the worrier, the woman who calls me to make sure I’ve taken my vitamins. She’s still that same person. But she’s also my friend, the partner in crime, the woman who calls me to ask if I want to go shopping.

And I like that.

Happy birthday mems….you are so wonderful! Let’s go out and celebrate with some wine at an outdoor cafe….sound good?

hearts and hugs,

Becca Boo


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