i’m tickled pink….or is it green?

I love Pinterest. Just love it.

But I also hate it.

It’s complicated really. You see, I love Pinterest because it brings me fabulous ideas, inspirations, etc. to gaze upon adoringly or bookmark in my many folders for later creative bursts or bridal brainsessions. It’s a site that I also hate because while I’m looking at these photos, I think to myself, “self, why didn’t YOU think of that? You must not be that creative.”

And then I get sad. But only for a second, because right after I’m swept away again by something shiny and pretty.

Like I said, it’s complicated.

Today’s Pinterest tug-o-war brought me to the site Design Seeds…a site dedicated to color! I’ve been looking for inspiration when it comes to wedding colors, not really able to decide on the right hues to make my day really “me”. I have to have pink, but what else?? Am I a green person? I know I’m supposed to have that “something blue”, but I honestly don’t like the color (unless it’s navy….or teal….or baby blue….ok fine, the color isn’t that bad!).

Design Seeds has palettes for all seasons and moods, with a great color inspiration photo to go along with the hues. Check out some of my favorites below, and let me know which one looks like me!



hearts and colorful hugs,




  1. flora tones looks like you to me xo

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