the list: april

hey there! Did you all have a fun April Fool’s Day yesterday? I celebrated by doing lots of pranks, getting arrested, and waking up in South America.


What I actually did was have breakfast with the fiancé, sushi later with some of the girls, then dance lessons with my man…and my parents! Yup, we are starting once a week dance classes with my parents’ dance instructor in order to start lookin’ suave for our impending nuptials…I’m so excited!

So, we’re into another crazy month! With birthdays, easter, anniversaries, and a baby coming soon, I’m sure this month will fly by just like the others! Let’s take a look at my goals from March and see how I did:

  • find a wedding venue…CHECK! Not only did I find a venue, but thanks to the package we are getting through the Milestone, I’ve already checked off a ton of other items on my list! Score!
  • train for my half…ohhhh boooo. I DNR’ed on this one…Did Not Run. Yup, when it came down to the final days, I just wasn’t ready. I didn’t think running 13 miles while still coughing and feeling crummy was such a good idea, so I opted out. I’m bummed, but I know there are always other races!! Moving on!
  • shop less…BOOM! CHECK! Not only have I not gone out and bought a new outfit in the past couple of months, I haven’t even online shopped! It really has only been wedding purchases. I have to say…I’m quite proud of myself!

So…what’s on the agenda for April??

  • engagement photos – I need inspiration! Chris and I are going to be taking our engagements soon, and we are brainstorming ideas/locations now. We’re hoping to take the pictures in the next two months…before it gets crazy hot!
  • shop for bridesmaids dresses – with two bridesmaids about to give birth, it’ll be hard…but I at least want to get something narrowed down!
  • head out to the dog park – I don’t have a dog, but Maya, my parents’ little one-eyed cockapoo, is just a little ball of CUTE! The weather is perfect right now for walks, so a dog-napping might be in order!

So, what’s on your agenda for April?

Feel free to check out my lists from January, February and March!

hearts and hugs,



  1. This is a great idea for accountability! Adorable blog (:



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