style love: chloe + isabel

I love when friends and fashion mix. Well, I love when practically anything I like mixes. I”m not one of those crazies who can’t let their food touch. It’s goin’ to the same place, people! Let it have a buddy on the way down!

Wow….totally off subject.

Back to friends…and fashion…and the two mixing.

You see, an old friend of mine from back in the day, Kelly, now lives in fabulous NYC, is married to a guy with an awesome name (Brian Williams…helllooo hot news anchor!), and just recently started working with the fashion house Chloe + Isabel.

Thanks to facebook and my blog, we’ve been reconnecting, sharing bits and pieces of the things we love, one of which is a love for fashion.

In doing so, I’ve gotten to check out the cute and creative style of Chloe + Isabel. The prices are affordable, the pieces are unique, and materials and colors vary greatly, allowing you the opportunity to branch out in your style.

Here’s what Chloe + Isabel has to say:

Founded in 2011, Chloe + Isabel is a dynamic and socially innovative jewelry brand designed to connect women through a modern-day social-shopping experience. A destination for fashion-loving, creative and confident women, Chloe + Isabel believes that today’s women deserve jewelry as exceptional as they are.

In addition to providing customers with one-stop-shop for gorgeous jewelry, Chloe + Isabel is positioned to become the driving force behind developing highly motivated women of “Generation Net” into the world’s next great entrepreneurs. C+I Merchandisers receive a personalized online dashboard to create their own boutique shopping experience and earn commission on all of their sales.

Be creative, be confident, be you!

Check out some of these fabulous finds! There’s a 30 day money-back guarantee, as well as a lifetime warranty. These babies are backed for life!

Care to browse a bit more? Head on over to Kelly’s facebook page, where she’s posted trends and finds from Chloe + Isabel. Piece together a style that suits you!

Want to be even MORE fabulous? Become a merchandiser like Kelly! You are able to customize your own boutique, host trunk shows, and shower your friends with gorgeous jewelry! How fun! 🙂 All the information you need to become a merchandiser can be found here.

happy shopping!

hearts and hugs,


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