falling in love is easy…right? Ha.

It’s easy! It’s quick! Guaranteed results in 30 days or your money back!

Can you imagine if falling in love was that easy? I know our society is warped, and I know we can market some CAH-RAZY stuff (helloooo slanket?), but when it comes to love, it seems like that little hot spot should be left untouched, allowed to develop and grow naturally in it’s own habitat, not one manifested by a website or a pill or a short little fat baby in a toga….

So what IF love was guaranteed in a simple, spell-it-out plan? A $19.99 deal on QVC backed by Fabio himself…king of suuuaaaave.

If I were to write a checklist for love, here’s what my steps would look like for the guys out there:

1. Forget all of your natural instincts.  

2. Invest in a nice pair of jeans. Girls like a guy with nice jeans.

3. Take girls out to coffee. They’ll never think it’s a date, and won’t act shy.(ohhh I’m familiar with this one!)

4. Write her letters. Secretly, we are all middle school girls hoping to have that little envelope sticking out of our locker…only this time, it’s that little red icon in our facebook inbox.

5. Open her car door. Every time.

6. Keep buying her flowers…even when she kills them all after only a couple of days. It shows persistance. And we like that.

7. Take her on adventures, but also make sure to keep things simple. A night at home is just as nice. 🙂

8. Get to know her parents! If she’s Southern, she’s most likely a daddy’s girl…and he most likely has a gun…

9. Let her see you cry. Seriously.

and finally….

10. Get used to these words VERY quickly: “It’s just that time of the month!”.




so, got any advice you’d like to share? What’s a “rule” you were given when you first started dating?

hearts and hugs,



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