when sports and fashion clash…

Athletes have it rough…sports are about comfort, speed, performance, endurance…..but can’t we look cute while we’re at it?

I remember heading out to the locker room in high school, dressed in my baggy soccer shorts, loose-fitting t-shirt, the faint smell of sweat drifting ever so slightly from my shin guards that I’d soon strap on to my shins. If you saw me from behind, and I had short hair….well, let’s just say you might not know whether to call me Patty or Patrick (on second thought, please don’t call me either of those!). Soccer gear squashes all the feminine right out of you. Our walk brought us past the tennis courts, where I’d see my fellow classmates perfecting their backhands and serves…all while looking ever so stylish in polos, tennis skirts, and those little white shoes that if worn anywhere else, could be mistaken for geriatric orthotics. On a tennis court? They’re just plain cute.

It’s hard to look good while playing soccer. Trust me, we’ve tried. But after rolling our shorts, shrinking our shirt sizes, and adding a splash of color to our cleats, all we were left with was a wedgie, chafing burns under our sports bras…and a splash of color in our cleats.


These days, fashion has snuck it’s way into sports, thanks to the athletes sneaking their way into fashion. Anna Kournikova, David Beckham, Serena Williams…all examples of athletes who have jumped on the mogul express via everything from cologne to undies (thanks David!). However, in the alignment of fashion and sports, some athletes have mistaken their arena for the runway, and started to go a little “Gaga”. I mean, really???…..


hearts and hugs,



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