happy birthday Stevey!

Today is my brother Steve’s birthday….and oh how I wish I was up in Portland to celebrate with him!

Since I can’t take him out to dinner, or surprise him with a birthday beer, I’ll simply honor him through today’s post….and a present later on, ofcourse!

Today, I celebrate my favorite big brother. He’s kind, considerate, goofy, witty, creative, intelligent, driven…a man of the Lord….

My brother has stood up for me when I struggled, hugged me fiercly when I cried, and always provided a listening ear when I needed a moment to vent.

He has amazingly thick long hair, a crazy awesome beard, and eyes that shine when he smiles.

He’s a talented architect, a suave cofffee maker, an aspiring beer brewer, a fearless salmon fisher. He’s an athlete, an adventurer, and most of all, a nurturer….

My brother has an beautiful heart. One that has only expanded since adding Mish and Harley to his life 7 years ago. I love seeing him act as a loving husband, and I cannot WAIT to see him in action as a dad.

My brother means the world to me!

Happy Birthday, Stevey!

I love you and your crazy self 🙂

hearts and hugs,



  1. Aw, this made me so happy! I will tell your brother to read it now. xo

  2. just read it. you make my hearts piece so happy. love you.

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