venue? Check! dress?….CHECK!

That’s right…ladies and gentlemen….it’s SUPER BRIDE! She can book venues and find dresses faster than anyone! Known for her keen eye and quick decision-making, she eliminates the enemy with her quick words and the sharp swipe of a credit card!

Well, actually, it wasn’t THAT grand, but it’s always fun to picture myself as a super hero every once in a while…

I did find a venue though….and it’s wonderful! The Milestone, in Denton Texas. Ever since I was little, when I began to fantasize about what a wedding would look like, one of the venues was always a large, pristine white southern mansion. I imagined the ceremony in the great hall, followed by a reception in the large dining room…..

15 years later, that venue is now a reality.

My mom and I headed out to Denton on Friday afternoon with the thought that this would be the 2nd (3rd for me) venue on our long list of places to investigate. We were going with an open mind and a postive spirit. However, from the moment we drove down the long, winding driveway into the view of the house, our viewpoints began to narrow, closing in on what we were starting to feel was our dream home.


Upon arrival, we met Meghan, the director, who led us into her office after a quick look at the grand foyer. My mom and I, being the planners that we are, had already looked over the information given to us, and were just chomping at the bit in anticipation of seeing the rest of the mansion.

It did not disappoint! Gorgeous chandeliers, high, vaulted ceilings, beautiful crystal wall sconces….the entire building just breathed elegance. It was simple, yet romantic. Easy elegance. And that was exactly what I had wanted.

I won’t divulge too much else, since I want this day to be just as much of a surprise to my guests…but I will say I’m in love again….and this time with The Milestone!

So…this takes us to Saturday. A day previously filled with venue appointments, now sitting empty thanks to Friday’s fortune. My mom and I decided to take advantage of the free time, and headed over to Bridal Boutique, a popular dress shop owned by long time friends of the family, Caroline, and her daughters Amy and Carrie.

When we arrived, the place was PACKED, as it should have been on a Saturday. Girls were milling around everywhere, drinking champagne, eating fruit and cheese, and oohing and ahhing over the ladies clothed in white. It was a sorority house on steroids.

We immediately went up to the front and spoke with Carrie, simply saying we were there to browse, as we had not booked an appointment. Roughly 5 minutes in, a voice behind us interrupted our white gown train of thoughts, “Hi! My name is Melissa, I’ll be helping you today!”

Turns out, Melissa had a cancellation, and we were all hers for the next two hours! Let the dressing games begin!

Melissa immediately won me over with her confidence and ease, helping me pull dresses that I loved, all the while finding things on her own that she wanted me to try. The entire process was so simple. I’d put a dress on, go out to the big mirrors, and showcase the gown for my mom, Melissa was always a step behind me, either fixing my train, offering a sash to tie around my waist, or placing an accessory on my head to finish off the look. We tried on roughly 10 dresses, each beautiful in their own way. However, the 3rd one kept coming back to us. It was gorgeous…and very much “me”.

We bought it that day.

Now, on Monday, I sit here with the two biggest things in my wedding crossed off my list: the venue and the dress!

With 7 months left till the wedding, I think, “hmmm, could we move up the date??” I’m kidding, of course! But the thought HAS crossed my mind!

As quickly as the thought comes in, I push it back out, and now start to think about my bridesmaids dresses! Let the planning continue!

hearts and hugs,



  1. wow congrats!!! my best friend just got engaged and set her date for September! I couldn’t do it, i get stressed out just thinking about the thought! i’d need to ease into it to avoid being bridezilla… what style is your wedding dress? i’m curious because the ones you posted the other day ranged in styles so I’m curious at what the final choice was! 🙂

    • haha thanks! yeah, I’m hoping that bridezilla doesn’t rear her ugly head…I’m thinking it won’t (that’s not my style), but you never know!! and, to avoid posting TOO many deets about the dress (the boy reads the blog!!), I’ll say this: it’s very classic, no frills, raw silk….very Mad Men! 🙂 you’d love it!

  2. Keep the dress a secret!!!

  3. Grandma is on dress patrol. 😉

    Oooooo, I’m so freaking excited!!! You are going to be a gorgeous bride on that gorgeous day in October – it may be too much gorgeousness for Chris to handle.

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