tuesday’s tip: take a break

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone was able to pick themselves up off the floor after the brutal case of the Mondays….was it just me or did time just stand still yesterday? Even in my office, you could probably hear a teeny little clothing pin drop if you listened closely enough. All around me heads were drooping, keyboards were clack-ing just a litttttle bit slower, and the line at Starbucks was outta control.

Thanks to the moaning Mondays, my tip today is all about recharging! Take a break. Walk around, stretch a little. Do SOMETHING! We may not all have a typical 8-5pm desk job, but for those of us that do, I can speak for quite a few and say that it. is. DRAINING.

You wouldn’t think sitting down all day would be hard, but it is! My entire right side of my body constantly gets knots from typing away and clicking my computer mouse. In order to not go crazy, I take a walk for about 10-15 minutes during the second half of my day. Usually, if the line isn’t too long, I’ll grab a chai hot tea from Starbucks as well. That little recharge and movement helps power me through the rest of the afternoon.

You may not have a Starbucks, but everyone has an office building that is walkable. Take a lap, or simple do a few hallway length strides. Don’t feel like moving? At least turn away from your computer…read a magazine, open up a book, or do some sudoku puzzles!

So…how will you recharge today?

mall walking...not for the faint of heart.

hearts and hugs,



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