wedding dress inspiration…

My focus these next couple of weeks is primarily on wedding venues, but you can’t really believe that my eyes wouldn’t be wandering over layers of tulle and satin, could you?? Taking me dress shopping is like releasing an A.D.D child into a candy store….I’m going to be off and running so fast you won’t know what hit you…the only way of finding me being the little spots of drool I leave on the floor as I gaze open-mouthed at all the glorious-ness before me. That reminds me, I’ve got to warn my mother and bridesmaids that the woman they are about to see is not the true Becca….the true Becca does not squeal and shriek like this one. She does not jump and hop and skip around quite as rabidly as the one they will witness. Apologizing in advance doesn’t do all that much, but at least I can say I warned them!

So, what am I looking for when it comes to a dress? Here’s a little inspiration I’ve gathered thus far….take a look and let me know what you think!


hearts and hugs,




  1. My best friend got married last October and the dress second from bottom on the right was her inspiration for her final dress! She was GORGEOUS. And you will be too =) Here’s the pic of Louissa ( Hopefully you can see that =)

  2. The blush dress on the top right looks fun!! 😉

  3. You will look good in whatever you chose…my personal fav is the middle photo on the third row. I can totally see you in that! Heart you sissy boo boo!!!!

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