the list: march

Happy March! Did everyone enjoy the extra day in February? I leapt around my house a bit more than normal…you know…to celebrate and all…

February was a BANNER month, if I do say so myself! Let’s take a look at how I did in my goals:

  • cook/bake more…Yes, I did this! I didn’t quite bake anything, but I DID whip out the ol’ food processor to make some tasty coconut covered almond/pecan balls, as well as a cheesy bean dip inspired by Daily Garnish. I also cooked at home with the fiancΓ©, and even hosted a few dinner parties…I give myself an A on this one πŸ™‚
  • Try one new (to me) workout…another YES! Besides trying some taebo, I also spent an evening rock climbing with my man. Talk about a workout! If you ever want to know just how weak your upper body is…try rock climbing. It’ll show you realllll quick.
  • fill up a donation bag for CCA (or my friends)…CHECK! I got on the ball, created a facebook event, and invited some girlfriends of mine over for some FOOD, FUN, and FROCKS! We had snacks, cocktails, and even a cleverly chosen movie (Confessions of a Shopaholic). At the start of the party, I gathered the girls in my bedroom, and let them go to town! I cleaned out a couple large black trash bags worth of clothes and shoes…and it feels great!

So, what’s on the agenda for March?? After the stellar February goals, I’m itchin’ to keep the ball rollin! Here are my march plans:

  • find a wedding venue…since venues in Dallas book fast, this is first on my agenda. I have a few places bookmarked already, so now it’s time to bust out the MapQuest and get movin’!
  • train for my half…I’m running the Dallas Rock n’ Roll half again this year, and have honestly not trained. I blame a busy schedule and bronchitis, but all that aside, I’ve still got a month to get in gear. My goal is 1:50 or under…here’s hoping!
  • shop less…unless it’s for wedding stuff…then I feel as if I have a legit excuse, right?? For everything else, though, I need to cut back…eeek this will be hard!!

These goals are big, but I feel that I have motivation to carry me through…

So, what are your plans for March? Isn’t there a little “madness” going on soon?? πŸ˜‰

**Take a look back at January and February**

hearts and hugs,



  1. Booter, I love your donation party idea! That is such a fun thing to do. I want to gather some girls to bring all their stuff for a similar idea. Swapping stuff is so smart! Plus, when the baby is here, we can swap baby stuff, too. Suh-weet!


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