be-cause we’reeeee….GOIN’ TO THE CHAPEL!


That’s right, bellebottoms is becoming a MRS!

Last night, to my GREAT surprise, my darling boyfriend got down on one knee, whipped out a shining rock, and proposed to spend the rest of his life with me.

I can hardly remember what happened.

 Well, here’s a litttttle bit of what happened…

You see, every Sunday night, my friends and I gather at the Terrace house for some dinner/convo/laughter/craziness…Chris was cooking that night with our friend Aaron Hunt, so he went over earlier than normal to prep. That was all fine, considering I had a date that afternoon to get my hair blownout with his mom and my mom…little did I know it was all part of the plan to keep ME out of his hair!!

So there we all were: me, Chris, and about 20+ of our closest friends. Dinner went off as normal, just eating, talking, me spilling food on my clothes like usual…I still had no idea what was to come. Towards the end of the night, Chris called everyone into the living room. Now, I thought it was a bit weird, since we NEVER do that, but I went with it, thinking we were all going to play a game or something of that sort. I sat down on the couch, right in front of Chris, and waited for him to speak. He started out telling everyone how thankful he was for a community to walk with him during his new job transition. We had a party a few weeks ago to celebrate, but he didn’t get a chance to really say thanks. Then he thanked me, and told me he wanted to do something cheesy.

That’s when I knew.

Chris turned around, flipped on the t.v., and all of a sudden there he was on the screen, in the same outfit, sitting on the staircase of the Terrace. Music was playing in the background of the video…and then he held up a notecard (in the video). On each notecard was a bit of our story, from our first meeting at Monday night sand volley ball over a year ago, to our first break-up, to getting back together….it was all there…One by one he held up a card, and with each card my cheeks quivered more, my heart beat faster, and my eyes teared up.

At the very end, the card said he wanted to ask me something, which is when Chris got up from the couch, pulled me into the middle of the room, and got down on his knee.

I started to cry.

He asked me last night to marry him, and without missing a beat, I told him YES!

Well, actually it was more of a head nodding up and down as I covered my face in my hands.

When I turned around, both sets of parents were there, with champagne and flowers. I wept like a baby in my mother’s arms, so happy that I got to share that moment with her. The entire rest of the night was hugs, kisses, phone calls and shaking hands (literally my hands were shaking!!).

I am beyond blessed to call this man my fiancé. He is the best thing that’s ever happened in my life, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

It went from this:

to this:

to THIS:

I’ll be posting the video of how it happened once it’s ready!

Thank you all for your love and support, I’m so excited!

hearts and hugs,





  1. wow!! Congratulations!!! such a fun way among friends and family! And the ring is soooo sparkly, is it vintage? love it! Can’t wait to hear more about your journey as a bride to be!

    • Thanks! omg I’m over the moon! The ring is from Ben Bridge Jewelers….and it’s SO stinking fun! I wanted something non-traditional….and yes, I can’t wait to share all the deets! 🙂 thanks again Mila!

  2. Even though you already called and I knew the story…I still cried when I read this. I love you, Sis. John and I are so blessed by you and grateful for Chris’s role in your life. We can’t wait for this chapter to begin!!

  3. Such a great, sweet story. You’re a lucky girl. 🙂

  4. Yay! We are so happy for you both!!!! You guys are going to love being married. It’s one of the best journeys this life has to offer especially when it’s with your soulmate. Glad you found each other! xo

  5. what a wonderful story…brought tears to my eyes…Grandpa and I are so happy for you both…

  6. So, so happy for you and Chris. Congratulations!

  7. Aw, congrats!!! That is so sweet!

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