save and splurge…where do I spend?

I get a lot of flack for the amount of shoes/clothes/rings/packs of gum I have in my closet, but to tell you the truth, it didn’t cost me that much!

Just like my frozen yogurt, I like I lot of things for the quantity, not quality. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not walking around with holes in my shirts, purses that say “Gucki”, or shoes that might melt in the rain…I still look pretty fly for a white guy girl. However, I’m learning when to say “SPEND” and when to keep quiet.

Want to know my list of splurges and saves? Check it out….

As you can see from the list, I tend to spend my money on basics. A BLACK dress, a NEUTRAL cardi…these are things that can be paired with just about anything. Therefore, you want them to last you quite a long time! I also splurge on flat boots mostly for the fact that when I travel overseas, these are a MUST for me. And trust me, after all that walking on uneven terrain, cobblestoned streets, and through every aisle in every H&M store, I’m gonna need a gooood pair of boots! Running shoes are another must for quality. I need something I know won’t give out on my in a couple of months. Besides the fact that I want them to last, I also need to make sure they are made well to support my back and knees. There’s no messing around when it comes to those areas!

When it comes to trends or accessories, I’m all about saving money. Forever 21 and H&M are go-to establishments for earrings, necklaces, scarves, etc. Knowing that the trends come and go faster than a Kim Kardashian wedding makes me less inclined to drop down the buckaroos for something that might not be around very long. I also save on most makeup purchases, buying much of my eyeshadows, liners and mascaras from drug stores. Those items are not as important to me as a good moisturizer and concealor. I can get by just fine with CoverGirl!

Other items I tend to save on are purses and trendy heels. While I have my basic black pumps that cost me a pretty penny, I also have the feathered, bejeweled, platform beauties that only set me back about 20 bones…I wear heels a LOT, and I have a style for almost everything in my closet, but just like the accessories, most of my shoes come and go with the trends. Therefore, I’d rather spend $20-30 dollars per pair than $80+.

Basically, when it comes to where I save and where I spend, it always comes back to the neutrality of the item. The necessity of the item is not as much of a factor. If that were the case, all my “save” items would be splurges, due to the amount of use they get in my everyday life! I’d want them to last since I use them every day!

In the end, it comes down to what you are really willing to spend money on. I’ve never been able to understand someone plunking down $1500 dollars for the newest Louis Vouitton bag, even though I know those babies last a lifetime. In my head, I just keep thinking about all the fabulous dresses and jewelry I could get over at H&M! Shopping spree!!

So, what are YOU spending your money on? What are you saving on? Is one list longer than the other?

hearts and hugs,



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