tuesday’s tip: changing your look

I am very prone to getting stuck in a rut. Whether it’s with my fashion, my food, or even my schedule, I can go for days, weeks even, without changing a thing. Case in point: I can make a trip to the grocery store for my weekly purchases, and be in and out in less than 10 minutes. Monotony can be a good thing if you are one for efficiency, but after a while, let’s face it….it’s just boring.

Not a fan of big changes? Do something small.

I normally wear my (very thick) hair straight, either pinned to the side, or parted down the middle…While I usually move the bobby pin around a bit, I’ve noticed my style has waned a bit these past couple of months. I could blame it on the length (awkwardly between chin and shoulder length), but in reality, I should be able to work with ANY length of hair. So, today, instead of the normal straight and pretty, I flipped out the ends, and worked a bit of wax in them, piecing them out for a bit of a feathered look. Easy, simple, yet different than my normal look.

And it took the same amount of time.

So, whether you change up your hairstyle, add a brighter color to your wardrobe palette, or walk down a different aisle at the grocery, make sure to spice up your life every once in a while! Otherwise, it will start to lose it’s taste.

Tomorrow, I’m thinking braids…..

hearts and hugs,


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