things i’m lovin’…

Are there really only 9 more days till March? Soon it will be April, and I’ll be anxiously staring at my phone waiting for that call from my sis telling me to “get my booty down to Austin NOW because I’m having a baby!”

I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t say “booty”. But that’s neither here nor there. Pregnant women, in my opinion, have a free pass at saying whatever the heck they please. After all, giving birth is not exactly a trip to the day spa. I should know. I’ve seen footage (shudder).

Despite the rather somber mood I must have put you in now, I would like to take a turn for the better and talk about some of the things I’ve been lovin’ lately….

soy, no water, extra hot chai tea lattes….yes, I realize that my Starbucks order puts me in the “annoyingly long order” category when it comes to my fellow caffeine addicts in line…but let me tell ya, the combination of creamy soy and spicy chai makes my heart swell with love, causing the rabble rousing and spiteful comments around me to evaporate like the vapors steaming from my perfectly brewed latte. Too much? Who cares. If I’m gonna pay five bucks for my java, I want it to be gooooood.

Crystal Light mocktail flavors…First it was the margarita flavor. Then came mojito and appletini….I’m now expecting sangria and cosmopolitan flavors to be hitting shelves in the near future. Besides making me feel like I’m enjoying an adult beverage while charging through my emails at the office, the new flavors also allow me to enjoy some of my favorite cocktails at home without all the calories. Simply mix with water or club soda, add a shot of rum, and VOILA! A little happy hour for half the price.

Downton Abbey…A BBC Masterpiece Theater period piece that has it all: elegant costumes, gorgeous scenery, intricate storylines, comedic interludes, and, of course, English accents. I fell in love with this mini-series a few weeks ago, and have been eagerly soaking up episode after episode with my girlfriends on the weekends. If you are a fan of historical dramas, this show is for you!

So, what are some things YOU are lovin’ this week?

hearts and hugs,



  1. question: what does the “no water” part of your Starbucks order mean? Do they add water as a filler or something?
    Also, I watched only the pilot so far of Downton Abbey on Netflix last weekend and loved it! I love that its set in the 1900s but just as scandalous as the present day dramas. It’s fun learning about how life used to be. Kinda like our Mad Men obsession…

    • So, according to my man (a former Starbucks employee): with my Chai latte, it is normally made with half hot water, half steamed milk, to make it less strong. I order it with ALL steamed milk instead (i like it strong)…

      It apparently is only done in Chai lattes….not normal ones….

      And Downton is FAB!! I am trying to catch up to some of my girlfriends who are in Season 2, so I’ve only seen about half of it….and yes, the scandal is fun! 🙂

      PS: I love all their hats….just love… sigh.

  2. This week I’m lovin my new Nike therma fit long sleeve running top! It’s a beautiful shade of blue…I’m so stoked I decided to pair it with jeans and wear it to the office!

    One of my girlfriends got hooked on Downton Abbey, tpp! I will have to check it out.

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