tuesday’s tip: random acts of kindness

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I hope you have a day filled with love, candy and Edible Arrangements (seriously, those things are the BOMB dot com). I’ll be celebrating out tonight with my love…not sure where yet, it’s a surprise, but knowing him, it’ll be a great surprise :).

Let’s move on to today’s tip, shall we? (said like a character on Downton Abbey)

We live in a fast moving world. Couple that with the entitlement syndrome, and you are bound to leave others in the dust of your accomplishments!

Take some time to show your appreciation for someone else this week. Back in college I would pick a different professor every month, and put a note in their mailbox at school detailing the things I appreciated about what they did. Whether it was helping me with a difficult paper, giving me good criticism on a test essay, or just being flexible with my strict soccer schedule, I wanted them to know I noticed their efforts. It’s so easy to get overlooked, yet it’s also so very easy to recognize others.

how are you recognizing those around you?

hearts and candy-coated hugs,


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