tuesday’s tip: baby powder

Every once in a while life gets crazy, and you find yourself cutting back on some of your normal, every day processes. Case in point? I hadn’t washed my hair since Saturday. Now, I washed it this morning (I’m not an animal people! Although, I DO love otters…sorry, back on track now), but my hair hadn’t tasted the sweet dew of agua in two days.

So what’s been keeping it from looking like a giant oil slick took residence on my head? BABY POWDER!

Well, baby powder, and fantastic hair accessories….

Baby powder isn’t just for a cute lil’ baby’s bum. Don’t be fooled! The sweet smelling powder can be used in a number of ways:

1. Getting rid of oily hair syndrome….shake on brush. Brush through hair. Enjoy less oil!

2. As a DIY deodorant…low on the speed stick? Just pat yourself with baby powder!

3. As a foot odor banisher… After a day of wearing boots with those thick wool socks, removing them at the end of the day now requires heavy facial masking. Be proactive and shake some baby powder in your socks before wearing…not only will it keep your feet nice and dry, but you won’t pass out from the smell when you take your shoes off later! FTW!

4. As a chafing combatant…Yes, chafing is real…and painful. It can happen where you least expect it (or want it). Solution? You guessed it….baby powder!

So if you don’t already own a bottle of this magic dust, I suggest getting one soon…

happy powdering!

hearts and hugs,




  1. our posts are similar today, because mine is about dry shampoo! great minds think alike! I’ve tried the baby powder thing, but I was never successful with it and just got it all over myself. But maybe I should practice more because it sure would be more cost effective!! Does the deodorant really work? that makes me skeptical…

    • i know! i was just reading through yours…i have the Tresemme dry shampoo right now…you’re right, it DOES sort of leave a sticky residue if you use too much…i generally just spray a little on my roots up at my peak, just because my hair is so thick that the ends don’t get too bad if I go for a while without shampooing…

      the baby powder as deoderant only works for a short time…more of a “refresher” if you will 🙂 I’ve only done this on MUST-NEED basis, like when i was out of the country and could only find baby powder at the drug store! why oh why don’t Europeans wear more deoderant?? haha

      I put the powder on my brush, and then brush it through my hair…that helps more…it distributes it more evenly.

  2. I’ll definitely have to try the baby powder in the hair thing! I have super thin hair that looks oily after 12 hours. I can neverrrrr go more than 24 without washing. Can’t wait to see how it works!

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