the list: february

Happy month of LOOOOOVE! January flew by, so I have no doubt that February will do the same. When will spring get here???

After reviewing my list from january, I realized I was about 50/50 in my results.

start my 8-week Living Social boot camp

I may not have started the Living Social bootcamp, but I DID try out 3 different bootcamp style workouts! I chose not to take on the Living Social one after feeling slightly uncomfortable with the methods of the gym. **Showing pictures of people and how much they weigh is NOT a marketing technique…..FYI!!!**

go on a long run (10 miles or more) twice this month

HMMMM….I didn’t make this one…nope, not so much. I ran, but my running consisted of distances no more than 5-6 miles. I worked on speed during January, getting my mile times back under 8:30 min/mile per mile. It’s amazing to think I could run sub 6:00 minute miles back in college….ahhh the good ol’ days…

update more of my travel pictures on the blog

Check! I added some pics of St. Martin, Germany, as well as Segovia, Spain to my page….Much more to come!

eat more apples!

Check again! Apples are coming back by the bushel, and my fruit drawer is stocked at the moment with honeycrisps (my fav!). I’ve also added back blueberries, blackberries and mangos! Yum 🙂

The list may not have been fully checked off, but I’m all about progression….so what’s on the agenda for February? Take a look:

  • cook/bake more…the boy and I are all about saving money this year, and prepping more meals at home is a great way to do that….It’s time to bring out those great Italian/Polish roots and get into the kitchen! Now, if I could only find a place for all my shoes that are residing in the oven….
  • Try one new (to me) workout…I’m cheating a bit, because I’ve actually already done this…Taebo! I’ve never tried a taebo workout before, and am surprised by how much fun all the punching and kicking is. Maybe it’s the repressed anger and frustration, maybe it’s my affinity to just punch and kick things….who knows….I DO know it’s loads of fun!
  • fill up a donation bag for CCA (or my friends)…I’ve got clothes I never wear. Shirts with the tags still on them (I can see my mom rolling her eyes from here). They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing! It’s time to get a jump on it…one black trash bag at a time.

What are your goals for February?

hearts and chocolate-covered hugs,



  1. I’ll volunteer as a donation bag recipient. 🙂


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