tuesday’s tip: blush

Ladies, no longer does blush have to stay confined to the apples of your cheeks. Expand your facial horizons! One of my go-to makeup “faces” is some concealer/powder, a swipe of blush on my lids and cheeks, and a finish of mascara. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Adding a bit of your blush to your eyelids creates a rosy glow to your entire face.

Two of my absolute FAVORITE blush products out there are:

Nars Super Orgasm (yes, the name is pretty sweet too ;))

Benefit Benetint blush

The first is rosy and rich with a fabulous pop of sparkle. I wear this at the office, out to dinner, or just chillin’ at the Terrace with friends. I adore Nars for their super smooth application, the long-lasting wear of the product, and the fact that it makes your cheekbones rival those of a super model….um YES please!

Benefit is my other obsession…the Benefit benetint blush comes in a liquid form, which is scary to most, but once you try this product, you won’t want to go back. Just dab a few spots on your cheeks, lids, or get this….your lips! The blush creates a natural rosy hue, making you look like you’ve just spent the afternoon lounging at the spa. A bonus to this product is the adorable packaging…very vintage girly-chic…just my style!  

So take out your blush compacts, give your eyeshadows a rest for a bit, and have fun with a new, more natural you!

hearts and hugs,



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