friday favorites…

Ahhhh….deep breaths everyone. In…..and ouuuuuuut.

Now, this isn’t a yoga sesh, or some holistic blog-on-tape. I’m simply reveling in the fact that today is Friday, and tomorrow is Saturday…and then it’s Sunday. I like those days. Those days are filled with later morning wake ups, more time spent with the boy, Barnes and Nobles, shopping, brunching….and did I mention later morning wake ups?

If you are as excited as I am simply for that fact, then nothing past this sentence should matter….yet I hope you keep reading, because today’s treasury is a good one!

I’m all about being unique, whether it’s in your clothing style, home decor, or simply customizing your email signature at work (yet I hope you customize more than that, otherwise we’ll need to cut up those IKEA credit cards STAT!).  Take a look at today’s unique finds…enjoy!


shops showcased (left to right):











hearts and hugs,



  1. thank you for including my paper earrings in this fantastic collection!

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