tuesday’s tip: socks

Pant lines are rising, the popularity of socks and sandals (of the platform kind) is climbing, and no longer is it okay to simply stock your drawers with the plain white variety.

It’s time to get creative!


Now, I understand heading out to Costco to purchase the 7500 pack of plain white crew socks for $2.99 (buying in bulk is fabulous!), but when it comes to taking off the sweat pants and putting on the dress pants, it’s imperative to switch up the ENTIRE outfit…don’t leave your tube socked feet in the 90’s while the rest of your outfit gets to hang out in this decade.

Guys, I know you’ll hate this, but pant lengths ARE rising. The all out trend amongst my male counterparts at work is the European cut, ankle length pant. Which means? YOUR SOCKS SHOW! Of course, there are the more daring of the fellows who choose to go bare in their oxford wing-tip flats, but the majority are choosing instead to cover up. Invest in color! Buy some patterns! Paisley, stripes, plaid….OH MY!

Ladies, I would suggest purchasing some ankle length and knee high socks, which can both be worn with boots or heels. Want to go a bit further? Try a crazy pattern or a pair with some ruffled edges! I love combining a cute midi dress with a pair of platform sandals….and some ankle socks with flamingos on them! Talk about a conversation starter! I also just recently purchased some mustard slouch socks with a ruffled edge. The perfect dash of femine peeking out of my riding boots!

Check out some fun looks below….and start shopping!



hearts and hugs,




  1. Thanks sock lot! 😉

    Cheezy – I know xo

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