happy 1st birthday bellebottoms!

hi, my name is bellebottoms, and today, I am ONE YEAR OLD! My mom is so proud of me, she can’t believe how fast time has gone. I keep telling her she has a bad memory, and therefore doesn’t remember much of what happened this past year. Luckily, I’ve got a GREAT memory for a one-year-old, and kept track of all the fun and excitement in 2011. I started out as a little baby, not much of anything really…just a blubbering, cooing, snotting mess. Yup, I tried to sound intelligent and witty, but my words just came out in a jumbled blog blob. As time went on, I grew and grew! I may not formulate complete sentences yet, and I’m pretty sure I have still wet myself from time to time from too much laughing, but I know my mom is very proud of all I’ve done!

Since it’s my birthday, and today is all about me (although my mom disagrees), let’s look at all the fun things I’ve done!

bellebottom’s top fav’s…in no particular order:

rain rain…{don’t} go away! 

 your (travel) love is MY drug

spotlight! Florence, Italy (parte uno)

welcome aboard

top 10 things I learned from Disney

into the shopping wild…

my fantasy draft: dinner party style

breaking the wall down, one heel at a time

 Pics from the year:


cafe madrid family time!




English Riviera!


Thanksgiving in Austin


Christmas in Savannah


photo booth fun


me and the boy

As I continue to grow, learn, and hopefully keep the embarrassing incidents to once or twice a week (my mom’s hopeful!), I can’t wait to share it all with you!
Here’s to another year of shoe buying, wine drinking, globe trotting, online shopping, crazy running and boy loving 🙂
To the good, the bad, and the just plain FAB!
hearts and hugs,


  1. happy blogaversary!!!! one of the many reasons we’ve become blends must be because our blog birthdays are only 4 days apart!! 🙂 mine is coming up soon and i can’t believe it!

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