things i’m lovin…

Can you believe January is almost over?? I finally changed out my calendars at work to reflect 2012. The overdue task was either a symptom of denial, or due to the fact that I have piles of papers, samples, fabric swatches, and a scarily large supply of cups, mugs, etc. strewn all over my desks here. And yes, I say desks in the plural sense because I added another table in my office just to accommodate other odds and ends leftover from 2011 that I have yet to discard.

If it weren’t for my computer, you’ think you had stumbled upon a garage sale hosted by your crazy next door neighbors who should probably be on the show “Hoarders”.

Whatever. Some call it junk. I call it sentiment.

Despite the overwhelming catalog of “sentiment”, I still have a few things in my life that have stood out in my mind recently.

Cafepress – According to the site itself, it’s the “world’s favorite place to find or make unique t-shirts and gifts…” I have taken full advantage of the creativity on Cafepress in recent weeks. A couple of purchases? A maternity t-shirt for my sissy, as well as an early birthday gift for the boy….The site is fun and quirky, which means it’s right up my alley!

Powerade Zero – Call me crazy, but lately I’ve had this overwhelming thirst, as well as that shaky, low blood sugar feeling that seems to occur around 3pm each day. Enter: electrolytes! I’m lovin’ the Powerade Zero brand not only for its taste, but for the fact that I’m not loading up on calories when I drink them! My favorite flavor of the moment? Lemon Lime!

Groupon Goods – Holy Sale Batman! I am definitely lovin’ the emails I get from Groupon highlighting different sales of the week. I’ve scored some pretty great finds for cheap through this site, and love how diverse the selection is. Purchasing is easy, and I like the creative advertising and marketing that Groupon employs.

So, what are some things YOU are lovin’ today??

hearts and hugs,




  1. You!

    But other than that, micro sculptures, steve, harley, back to freelance work, love thats unfailing from a father that’s loyal, baby things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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