a must for men…


Could you hear the emphasis in the above statement? I hope so! I’m always telling my guy friends that there are major necessities each man needs in his wardrobe:

1. A tailored suit

2. A GOOOOD fitting pair of dark wash jeans

3. A few nice button down dress shirts

4. A henley long sleeve  (seriously….henleys are HOT)


You see, the beauty of this color is it goes with everything…And when I say everything, I mean…..ever-y-thing.

I recently took a friend shopping, and after purchasing many of the items on the above list, we also picked out a nice pair of dress shoes in the aforementioned color. And he loved them. And I loved them. So much so I wanted to purchase some myself, even though I have no use for a mens size 10 pair of dress shoes….

All that said, I highly encourage you men to head out to the mall sometime with your friend, significant other, personal shopper, sherpa…whoever…and purchase some of these snazzy kicks…You’ll thank me later 🙂

happy shopping!

hearts and hugs,



  1. Steve has a pair from Teen Challenge (a thrift store nearby). He always has such a good sense for fashion. Oh that boy!

  2. So you could sub out #2 for a GREAT fitting pair of dark wash jhorts, right?

  3. Booter, I’ve been wanting to get some for John for FOREVER. We need to go shopping…

    Also, Mishy, does that thrift store benefit the Teen Challenge recovery program? Just curious….

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