my life in quotes…

I’m sure at a party you’ve had the conversation with someone that goes like so:

“Okay dude (this is a college frat party apparently), if you could add a soundtrack to your life, what would it be, bro?”

“Oh man, I would TOTALLY have the theme to Braveheart!”

“Oh yeah, dude, tooooootallllly!”

You see, there are some periods of your life that can just be summed up better in quotes from movies, television, music, or in my case, Pinterest.

Here are some quotes I’ve come across that sum up my being this week…

what quotes/lyrics/etc. would sum up your week at the moment??

hearts and hugs,




  1. Mine would be:

    “I want Chickfila, but I live in Oregon.”

    “I like to laugh and pee at the same time.”

    “Where this go?”

    “Before I knew you, I loved you.”

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