laughing without smiling…and other impossible things

You remember how I love lists? If you don’t, you haven’t been reading this blog for very long. ORRRR you’ve chosen to ignore me approximately 35.7% of the time, thus missing all my posts about lists.


I was thinking today while munching on my dried apple rings (rockin’ that January checklist!) of all the things I have trouble doing. I generally try to keep my imperfections, inabilities, and basic trouble areas hidden from the public eye, but since I have chosen to write about my life OVER THE INTER-WEB, I’ve basically squashed the ability to keep things private…and I’m actually quite okay with that. Now, I’m not sharing EVERYTHING (like my bathroom schedule, or how often I tweeze my eyebrows), but I do like to be as open and honest as possible. Therefore, today I wanted to list out all the things I find impossible. Some are humorous, some are silly, and most are laughable. Take a look, and let me know if you and I find ourselves one degree closer to Kevin Bacon together 🙂

My list of the impossible

1. laughing without smiling (thus the title)

2. going a day without caffeine

3. getting a FULL 7-8 hours of sleep

4. NOT getting hungry and/or sleepy at 3pm

5. walking past an H&M without going in

6. NOT petting a dog when I see one

7. keeping a straight face when I hear the words “duty” or “pianist”

8. going a full day without eating bread

9. not taking more napkins than I need at a restaurant

10. keeping my shirt (or any outfit) free of crumbs/stains/or whatever I’m eating at the moment

11. making, or sticking to, a grocery list

12. keeping my freshly shaved leg hair from growing once I step out of the shower

13. seeing jelly beans, espresso beans, or basically any type of bean, and not eating them

14. staying awake when someone talks about math

15. resisting the urge to pummel Rachel Zoe if I had the chance (who talks like that in real life?)

16. not introducing myself as BECCA DAYYYYYYYY-VISSSSSSSSS if I ever met Oprah

17. disliking any episode of “Friends”

18. staying away from Asos, Pinterest, Modcloth, and Etsy

19. going the speed limit

20. hearing someone hiccup and not hiccuping after (it’s a curse, really)


so…what seems impossible to you?

hearts and hugs,




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