food combine? I’d rather color combine…

I’m sure you’ve heard about the practice of food combining, making sure not to mix starchy vegetables with your proteins….but in all honesty, most of that goes over my head faster than I can say, “I’d like fruit instead of fries, please!”

I’d rather focus on color combining. It may not technically bring me as many health benefits as matching fish and broccoli, but, by golly, it just might make me happier. And who said health and happiness don’t go together??

Let’s take a look at my plate o’ fashion, shall we?

Here’s how I would color combine my clothes on my fashion plate:

The majority of my clothing is solid fabrics, with a slightly less emphasis on prints, followed by a hint of frills and bling. I tend to like starting with a blank canvas, and “painting” on accessories as I go. A go-to outfit? All black, loaded up with a good helping of jewelry, scarves, headwear and, of course, some fabulous shoes for dessert. 😉

The dresses below, courtesy of Modcloth, are examples of color combining solids and prints, giving you a scrumptious buffet of style!


hearts and colorful hugs,



  1. ha this is cute and i totally agree. my credit card magically pops out from my wallet for anything with a hint of lace/ruffle/bow/sparkle (frills category).

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