spotlight: Rusty Zipper

Has someone invented a time machine yet? Anyone? I’d really appreciate the opportunity to set myself back in the hippic chic disco days of the 1960’s and 70’s, where plaid mini skirts and patent leather boots were considered acceptable office attire, and blue eyeshadow and glitter trends were the craze for more than just “ladies” named Crystal Light, ifyaknowwhatimean. Or how about the classic glamour of the 1940’s? Men in fedoras and smoking jackets, women donning pearls and flouncy midi skirts (NOT mini!) just to step out on their weekly pilgrimage to the market. Although most styles of the 21st century have returned in some form or fashion, the opportunity to witness the trends first hand would have been something quite spectacular.

I can’t pull a “Bill and Ted” and head out on an excellent adventure back in time…but I CAN head over to the Rusty Zipper, one of the web’s largest collections of vintage clothing!

Established in 1995, Rusty Zipper has amassed an extensive array of vintage clothes, accessories, and my favorite: odds and ends, where you can purchase iron-ons, posters, books, etc. Another quirky add-on? The “crazy ass sale”. That’s right. This ain’t no ordinary sale, people. It’s a CRAZY-ASS sale!

The site also offers a seasonal section, full of ugly Christmas sweaters, Halloween decor, Prom dresses, and tux wear.

Care to shop by era? You can! Categories go from the 1940’s up to the 80’s.

Jennifer Chadwick, the owner of Rusty Zipper, has an attitude I appreciate: “a passion for vintage clothing and for doing something a bit out of the ordinary.”

Fashion is fun, and in the case of the Rusty Zipper, this fashion has just been having fun a bit longer than the rest!

Check out some of my favorites from the site…

I hope you enjoy this blast from the past!

happy shopping!

hearts and hugs,



  1. do you watch Mad Men? If you don’t you need to. If not for the funny, steamy, sexist plot lines then at least for the hair, the red lips, the dresses!, the shoes, even the sleep wear makes me hit pause *sigh* and think how i wish I was born a few decades earlier. Oh and the jewlery! so classic. the pearls and solitaire diamond engagement rings, before they turned into disco balls with 40 diamonds on them. The styles are totally coming back now, but it’s still not the same….
    I apologize I just had a serious 60s love sesh in your comments section.

    • I’ve seen a few episodes, and even though I had NO idea who people were or what was going on, I was hooked on the lovely curves, the amazing hemlines, and the FEDORAS IN THE OFFICE! haha I’m a sucker for a good hat….

      And a 60’s love sesh is ALWAYS appreciated in this blog….I have them daily 🙂

  2. Mary Ledbetter says:

    Been there. Done that. Loved it! Sewed most of my own plaid skirts, matching vests. big-collared blouses, creweled my own desisigns on gausey peasant tops, inserted flares into my bell-bottoms. and had my own Dorothy Hammil hair-cut. Thanks for taking me back.

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