caramel and honey and cinnamon…oh my!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time…..for a change. My hair has been the same color and shape for far too long. Well, technically, I’m growing it out, so the shape has made numerous changes (remember when I was a pixie??), but now it’s time for some color!!

PS: this is my hair now….

Back in high school and college, I would experiment all OVER the color wheel, going from dark brown, to black, to auburn, to blonde, to dirty blonde…with that one fateful purple/maroon phase during a trip to Mexico (I blame the Spanish instructions on the box).

I’m older, (a little bit) wiser, and DEFINITELY more seasoned in my hair coloring, but I’m still jonesing for something with a little kick.

I put together a little inspiration board o’ color for when I go see my lovely stylist of about a decade Heather over at Cloud Nine…take a look!

what do you think? I’m loving the ombre look that’s circulating right now….that might be a winner!

hearts and hugs,



  1. I love your hair now! i love dark hair. but i understand a need for change! i like jessica biel’s delicate lighter tones on the ends. subtle lightness. what did you decide??

    • thanks! this is my natural color, so i wanted to stray out to something a bit different for a while 🙂 i LOVE dark hair, but i think adding that little bit of the ombre would be fun!!

      i think i’ll make an appt in the next few weeks 🙂

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