the list: january

Remember when I created my New Year’s mini-goals? Well, now that we’ve rung in twenty-twelve, I thought I’d create some more pint-size aspirations for each month this year.

Starting with January! (duh)

So, what’s on the docket? Here are my wee wants for this month:

  • start my 8-week Living Social boot camp….after making said purchase back in the cheerful high of the holidays, I’m determined to stick to my guns and put my money where my mouth is 🙂 Time to work that booty!
  • go on a long run (10 miles or more) twice this month…twice? I’m sure you’re thinking…there are thirty-one days in January…SURRRRELY you can squeeze out more than two runs! Well, when my long runs are subjected to being done only on weekends, it shortens my time frame. Besides, these are MINI goals…remember? The distance might not be mini, but the requirement is!!
  • update more of my travel pictures on the blog…I’ve gone to some amazing places, and I want to share them with you! Out of the 12 countries I’ve visited, I’ve only posted albums from 3 of them….time to get crackin’!
  •  eat more apples! I used to eat more apples in a week than most people do in a month, but lately, the honey crisps have been missing from the fruit drawer…it’s time to bring them back! (Side note: I have an apple at my desk now! Apple FTW!!!)

So…what are some goals YOU have for January?

hearts and hugs,





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