wait….it’s 2012? I thought today was Monday?

Hi friends! Sorry for the absence. I wish I could say I was off doing something courageous, like curing diseases and making shopaholics return all those 2 for 1 deals and dollar bin purchases, but alas, I was wearing holes in my pj’s, drinking oodles of wine, and kicking butt and taking names in wicked games of bananagrams. I also wish I could say 2012 started off with a bang, and that I’ve subsequently crossed off three things on my list already, but alas, I haven’t even started a list, and my 2012 started off with more of a…poof…than a bang.

A highlight? Having a “day of changing plans” with the boy on Monday: fro-yo, arcades, bowling, and dinner with friends….my arms are now sore from all the WINNING I was doing in air hockey, basketball shooting, and skee ball (my fav!).

I’m excited about this new year! Getting back on track, starting new opportunities, and hopefully remembering what day of the week it is (seriously, it’s NOT Monday??).

Here’s to enjoying a new start with you all!

just kidding...

hearts and hugs,



  1. Joe Gentle says:

    I hope to have a whole NEW YEAR! Some new friends, & goin new places!

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