merry Christmas, y’all!

Christmas was spent in Georgia this year, and the sweet taste of the southern twang is still on my lips. It’s incredible how quickly your surroundings dictate your behaviors. When we travel to the northeast, I immediately want “quowah-fee” in the morning, I’m irritable at the slightest inconvenience, and Heaven forbid I hold a door for anyone! Down south, I’m smiling and waving at cars on my morning runs, drinking my morning joe with a helpin’ of cream and sug-ah, and Lord help me if I try to open my own door!

Our holiday was all that I expected: long runs in the morning, multiple cups of coffee over intense games of scrabble, wine glasses filling up as soon as the sun dipped below the clouds, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby crooning over the surround sound, and the constant stream of laughter and conversation filling the house from morning till night.

Now that we are home, the celebration continues, with Pam, John, Steve and Mish joining us in Dallas for some much-needed time together. I’m so happy to have my siblings together again under one roof!

I hope your Christmas was wonderful, and that your New Year is even better!

hearts and hugs,



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