happy Christmas, Harry!

Merry Christmas Eve! I’m writing from sunny (and extremely warm) Savannah, Georgia, where I’m spending the Christmas holiday with my mom’s side of the family at my uncle and aunt’s gorgeous home. The kitchen is already bustling, the wine bottle count is in the dozens, and the rummikub and scrabble games are out and in full swing. Christmas in my family is a time of laughter, good conversations, and noshing all the live long day. Oh, and noshing, for all you foodie newbies, is the official term for “eating non-stop throughout the day and justifying it by calling it light snacking”.

Now that I’ve caught you up on some of the Italian (or food-lover) lingo, let’s move on to some of the more important parts of this holiday….

Christmas means family. Christmas is warm cups of cocoa around a roaring fire. Christmas is going to bed late, waking up even later, and sipping coffee while the sun rises over the trees. Christmas is in the faces of my nieces and nephews as they open their gifts around the tree. Christmas is the long walks at dusk with the entire family, a refreshing way to work off all the “noshing”.

Whatever Christmas is to you, though, make sure to enjoy your holiday! 2012 may be just around the corner, but don’t forget to revel in the blessings that were brought in 2011.

I pray that your holiday would be full of fun and family like mine, and I look forward to celebrating a new year with you!!

hearts and holiday hugs,



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