tips for holiday travel…

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat! Please put a penny in the old man’s hat! If you haven’t got a penny, a hay-penny will do, if you haven’t got a hay-penny, GOD BLESS YOU!

Recognize that old tune? If not, just google “Christmas is coming…” and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

I leave for Savannah, Georgia on Friday for a short Christmas vacation with my mom’s side of the family. I’m looking forward to enjoying a sweet, southern-style Christmas, as well as partaking in all of our wonderful Italian traditions. Something else I’m hoping to enjoy? My flight there and back. Flying around the holidays is always a gamble, especially if you are travelling in colder weather states. We are lucky that our plans have us staying below the Mason-Dixon line, but travel can still be tricky nonetheless. Here are some tips that I incorporate into my trips that help ease some of those holiday travel woes:

1. Less is more! I know winter weather means bundling up, but I tend to keep my layers light when flying. TSA mandates removing extraneous layers during your security check, so limiting yourself to a simple cardigan or jacket over your clothes alleviates some of the hassle during your bag check. I usually pack a pashmina and socks in my carry-on for the plane to ward off that extra chill.

2. Carry on! I know it’s a bit difficult to pack light for every trip you go on, but in this case, not having to wait at the baggage carousel after your flight can give you back at least thirty minutes to an hour of your time. Flights get delayed more during the holidays, which only backs up the baggage claims even further. You may have landed 20 minutes ago, but chances are, your bags are still on the tarmac.

3. Early flight? Get your coffee before you leave! If you have ever travelled during a busy season, you know how long the wait is for your half-caf, no foam, non-fat cappuccino. Most people tend to say, “I’ll eat when I get to the airport.” However, lines can be LONG, and prices are always higher. Save yourself the time and money! If you got there early, then by all means have your caffeine fix. Otherwise, have the joe BEFORE you go!

4. Don’t pack your presents! This sounds like a no-brainer, but you wouldn’t believe how many people I’ve seen lugging fully wrapped gifts with them into the airport. Not only are you basically setting yourself up for failure (9 out of 10 times those will get unwrapped, broken, or lost), but you are wasting space in your luggage! It may cost a bit more, but shipping out your goodies ahead of time is so much easier in the grand scheme of things. Not only are you insured by the postal service, but you are less likely to have a crying niece or nephew on your hands when they open up their broken-into-a-million-pieces toy model airplane.

 5. Driving? Leave mid-week. Everyone and their dog (literally) travels on a Friday or Saturday, so beat the rush hour crowds by leaving earlier. It may not be as ideal for planning your PTO, but you’ll feel much better about it when you are not parked on 1-35 with the rest of the metroplex.

flying or driving? be safe!

hearts and hugs,






  1. I’ll be home for Christmas…
    You can count on us…
    We’ll be home for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!
    And it’s not going to be a dream.

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