things i’m lovin…sleepy time

Tired-head: (noun) The feeling of lethargy usually occurring an hour after lunchtime, any moment during an informative seminar on how to properly file your income taxes, or when you’ve stayed up all night watching episode after episode of Gilmore Girls only to realize that you have an 8am meeting at work in which you actually NEED to be present in body AND mind. (Source: Becca-pedia) 

I’ve had mad cases of tired-head these past couple of weeks. So much so that two nights ago my jaw actually popped OUT of place during a rather brutal yawning sesh. That’s right, driving back home with the boy I had to “go all Gumby” and reset the ol’ chomper after an excruciatingly powerful yawn. A classic case of tired-head, I tell ya. One for the books, really.

So how do you beat it? Well, the obvious answer is to sleep more (I know, I should be a doctor, right?), but in my world, getting that 8 hours of recommended shut-eye isn’t always the easiest plan. So, with the help of my jug o’ coffee in the morning (which should be transitioning to IV form soon…), I’ve found some other remedies to help cure (or just defer) those nasty cases of tired-head. Here are some things i’m lovin’ now:

Bath and Body works Aromatherapy line: With the tag line, “Sleep better. Stress less. Get Energized. Feel Sensual”, I feel as if the benefits of this line of products is self-explanatory. Sleep better? My eyelids are already drooping! Stress less? Yes please! I currently have the eucalyptus spearmint shampoo, as well as the Jasmine Vanilla lotion, and both have proven quite affective in releasing some of that tension built up throughout the day. The smells are heavenly, and the shampoo leaves my hair silky smooth and nice to the touch…just ask the boy! 😉

Gap Body pajamas – For those in the retail industry, you might be questioning if Gap may still be in a “Who am I?” phase, but one thing is for certain: they DO know how to produce quality nighttime attire. I’ve owned a pair of Pure Body pj’s for years now, and they still feel just as soft and comfy as the day I bought them. I have yet to find a replacement that is better! They don’t stretch or become misshapen in the wash, and the color hasn’t faded from its original vibrant red. Another plus? The fabric feels amazing against a set of warm, clean sheets! A definite plus when hitting the hay.  

Peppermint Oil – Not only does this stuff work in relieving aches and pains, it also acts as a natural calmer (is that even a word??). My massage therapist, or masseur as I like to call her when I’m talking fancy, uses this during each session, and the tingling coolness from the oil on my skin is so refreshing. The cool sensation is a breath of fresh air, and literally allows me to breath deeper, which ultimately calms me down. Give it a try! If anything, you may just be a reminder to people to brush their teeth…and in the end, that’s a win for all of us, amiright??

So, have any tips or tricks for taming the night time jitters? I’m thinking about also getting one of those sleep machines….you know, “soothing beach sounds” and “rainforest rain trickles” (although that might just make me have to pee)….

hearts and hugs,


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