color me happy!

The weather is finally changing down here in Dallas…I even sported a beret at work yesterday! It’s this cobalt blue beauty of my mom’s from back in her high school days. It’s retro. It’s chic. It makes me feel like Mary Tyler Moore. I love it. πŸ™‚

Speaking of color…just because the weather is dark and dreary doesn’t mean you have to be! I love popping on a bright piece of clothing to contrast the grey skies. This past Sunday I paired floral tights with a sweater dress to add a sweet aroma to the dull Sunday air. Today I have on a bright pink sweater, navy blue satin skirt, a chunky yellow jeweled necklace, and cheetah kitten heels.

Care to brighten up your style? Here are some ideas I’ve put together from around the web πŸ™‚


hearts and hugs,



  1. you’ve got me addicted to asos.
    for some reason, it keeps getting hotter and more humid in DC. mid 70s after sundown. I’m not complaining because i hate the cold! 60s and humid today and supposedly snow on Thursday. I’ll take all my seasons in one week, keeps life interesting!

    • ahh I love asos! I bought a dress yesterday during cyber monday πŸ™‚ the free shipping is just so enticing! I can’t believe it’s so warm in DC! It’s been in the 30’s here this week, but this weekend it was in the 70’s….crazy. my allergies can’t keep up 😦

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