maniacal laughing and rosemary stuffing…

Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday has come and gone and Cyber Monday is in full swing. I feel I can officially say Turkey day was a success based on the lethargic feeling I have from lying around all weekend, as well as the faint hint of pumpkin seeping from my pores…probably due to the uncharacteristically large quantities consumed. What can I say, pumpkin is the flavah that I favah! 🙂

PS: did you hear about that woman in LA who pepper sprayed fellow customers? I’m sorry, but even a shopaholic like me knows that’s cray cray.

Wednesday evening the boy drove me to DFW airport so that I could catch a quick 30 minute flight down to Austin to join my parents, sister, and BIL for a little Thanksgiving fun. Since I love airports, and because it was a holiday, I got to my gate about an hour and a half early. After doing a few laps around Terminal A, I settled in to a seat facing the walkway armed with a stack of magazines and an eggnog latte. Time passed quickly, and pretty soon I was boarding the plane, where I found myself sitting next to a young girl, dressed very Courtney Love-ish in tattered clothes and heavy eye makeup, a cigarette shoved behind one ear. She quickly made it clear she was a “talker”, offering me gum “for that damn ear popping” and chatting about how it was “like so cool that I’m finally old enough to drink on a plane!”. I told her drinking on a plane was pretty much the same as drinking…well, off a plane. The only difference was how crazy expensive cocktails were. Well, that, and the fact that if your flirtatious advances on your seatmate were rejected, you didn’t have much chance of escaping in your shame like you would at a bar. Planes don’t leave many options for an exit…just sayin’…

What was supposed to be a 30 minute flight turned into a 30 minute delay due to the, and I quote from the pilot himself, “power thingy not working”. After trying to “turn it off and back on again”, maintenance had to be called, thus doubling our time on the tarmac. We finally made it to Austin, though, and I was immediately swept up by Pam and John and taken to Chuy’s for a late dinner with the family.

The following day, while everyone was still sleeping, I woke up and took off from the apartment for a run. My knees were still giving me trouble, so I was only able to make it about 4 miles before I had to call it quits. Our parents came over from their hotel shortly after, and we all headed out to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for a mid morning movie…another family tradition. On the docket: The Muppet Movie! My siblings and I grew up on The Muppet Show and Muppets Tonight, so when we found out a new movie had been made, it was immediately put on the To-Do list. The movie didn’t disappoint, and much snort laughing and quoting ensued long after the credits rolled.

After the movie, we drove back to the apartment, and began to prep all the wonderful goodies Central Market had provided for our feast. As the turkey cooked, we lounged around the living room, nursing a couple of bottles of wine and catching up on all our favorite shows. We finally sat down to dinner around 4:45, and the wait was well worth it. Holy sweet potatoes, Batman! The food was delish, and although I did not partake in any turkey, the side dishes were enough to make me thankful I had on my own version of “Thanksgiving pants”. The day ended pretty much the same way it started…pajamas, couches, wine, and family. Lurve.

Friday morning, while the rest of the family set out to do a few things over at the new house, I stayed back at the apartment with Maya, lounging, napping, and catching up on Glee. Around lunchtime my mom and sis came and picked me up, and we ran a few errands before picking up lunch for the hardworking boys. After lunch, while the guys continued to work, the girls set off for the mall, determined to pick up some cute new maternity clothes for Pammie. We scored big at A Pea in the Pod and JC Penney’s thanks to some Black Friday sales. I also got to pretend I was pregnant (with the help of a fake belly), so all in all…I’d say it was a pretty good day ;). We rounded out the night with leftovers and A Muppet Christmas Carol, keeping the agenda light since we would be hitting the road to Dallas the next morning.

Saturday morning, after loading up the car, my mom, dad, Maya and I took off for Dallas, making it home around 3pm. After unpacking and changing, I set off on a 3 mile run to stretch my legs out. 26 minutes later I was back at home, showering, and heading off to church.

Sunday morning, after helping a friend pick out shoes for our indoor soccer team, I spent the rest of the day on the couch with the boy, catching up on our weeks, watching Miracle on 34th street and sipping coffee. Laying around on a Sunday afternoon is a surefire way to make my eyelids droop, so I’m not surprised that by 8pm, I was wiped out. Why is it that sleeping more just makes me more tired? It’s just cruel, really. 😦

All in all, the holiday was a blast, and I was once again thankful to spend it with family and friends. Each year I am continually blessed by the relationships in my life. I have no doubt that the rest of the holiday season is going to be a joy! So here’s to a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!!


hearts and hugs,



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