let’s eat and be merry…

I cannot believe this week is Thanksgiving week! What happened to the fall? Where were the bright, beautiful leaves all through October? The smell of fireplace smoke in the air? The cups of hot cocoa and cider by the fire?

I wore a tank top and shorts while running outside this weekend. That’s wrong. Just plain wrong.

I still love fall, despite the short time frame of fall weather, and I will still wax poetic about the glories of the season. I just might be doing such in a sundress and sandals. Today was a cooler 47 degrees this morning, but the weekend high was 80, so I’m not pulling out the parka just yet. 😦

Since my family (sans my bro and SIL) will be down in Austin this Thanksgiving with my sis and BIL, Thanksgiving traditions are going to look a bit different. My parents are going down for the whole week in order to help Pam and John move into their new house. I, however, am flying down Wednesday night….juuuust in time to skip the manual labor and get right into the party favor! Also, dinner this year is going to be made by a special chef we brought in just for the occasion: Central Market! Yesssss! Requests for side dishes and desserts were given, food was ordered, and come Thursday, I’ll be doing one of three things the entire day: eating, watching movies, and sleeping…It’s a tough life, but someone’s gotta live it. 😉

We also are missing out on another beloved tradition, the annual Turkey Trot run. Austin holds a Trot as well, but we might be making up our own route this year due to everything else going on….I’m already scouting on GMaps where we can have our 1st Annual Davis-Ledbetter Turkey Trot-a-palooza! (Name is subject to change based on opinions of other family members. Copyright not exclusive to a one Ms. Becca Davis).

Even though Thanksgiving is going to look a bit different this year, it doesn’t mean it won’t be as good. I’m looking forward to a fun time of relaxation, matinee movies, pumpkin pie, and laughing till our sides hurt.

Besides…time with family, no matter where we are or what we are doing, is always a blessing!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!!

hearts and hugs,



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