wants “fur” the winter…

Okay, I may or may not have a problem. The thing is, I tend to get attached to things pretty quickly. Rings? I usually wear one on almost every finger. Sunglasses? I’ve dedicated an entire drawer to them in my dresser. Watermelon gum? I go through packs weekly (the boy isn’t a fan of this). Don’t even get me started on Crystal Light!

Side note: if I were ever a drag queen for Halloween, my name would be Crystal Light…just throwin’ that out there….

Some people view this as a problem (my parents when I was a child). Others see it differently (the distributors at Barry Farms, the dried fruit company I adore). Yes, the word obsession can have negative connotations if you are, say, James Caan in a car crash and Kathy Bates is your rescuer…BUT! If you are using it in the context of FUR this season, I think the term is quite legit.

That’s right. I’m obsessed with fur. Fur coats, fur hats….BOOTS with the furrrrr….Now, I would never hunt for said fur (are you kidding? I cry watching the Fox and the Hound! I’d never make it), but I am not opposed to owning something “authentic” ifyaknowwhatImean

Here are some things I’ve been hoping to sink my claws into this season (for guys AND girls!)…

What do you think? Anything “fur” you? (ba dum…)

hearts and hugs,



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