oh thank heavens!

I did it! I officially completed the San Antonio Rock n’ Roll marathon this past Sunday! I can now say that I’m a marathoner…or at least someone who ran one…because in all honesty, there were points during that 26.2 miles where I felt like anything BUT a runner. I mean, seriously, there is a certain point in time where you body decides it’s had enough of whatever you are doing, and says, “To hell with you, I’m going to do my own thing now”. Enter: leg cramps, stomach spasms, kneecaps disengaging…That guy that was projectile vomiting around mile 17? Yeah, his body was having that moment. The woman who just decided to sit down in the MIDDLE of the course around mile 22? Her’s was saying the same thing….I’M DONE!

My body rebelled, but my mind held strong, and I managed to finish the race in good (albeit swollen) condition….no cursing, no tears, and only a minimal amount of snot.

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do today, so I’ll post a recap and more pics in a bit….hope you are having a great Monday!!

hearts and hugs,




  1. Big congratulations! You only get one first marathon, so it’s good to see that you finished smiling (unless those pictures were forced)! Now, recovery time and then back to daydreaming about marathon #2?

    • thanks! it was such a cool feeling! and those smiles were most definitely NOT forced! all from that runner’s high! and yes, I’m already day dreaming…and at least signing up for another half! 🙂

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