friday favorites…

There are butterflies dancing in my stomach. Giant, floppy, multi-colored butterflies. Each one swishes around inside, flapping to its own beat, causing my heart to thump quicker and quicker, matching itself with the rhythm of the flapping.

Why am I talking about butterflies? I hate butterflies. They are basically “dressed up” moths….and I don’t like that you can’t tell where they are going to land. It’s unnerving.

I’m talking about butterflies because I’m making the drive down to San Antonio today for the Rock n’ Roll Marathon! Earlier this fall I decided I needed to start crossing items off of my “bucket list”. I put it in quotes because it doesn’t technically exist. Well, it exists….just in my head. And it changes quite often. For instance:

August 2002 – Decide I want to be a dermatologist, and begin planning for the long road of school ahead of me. August 2004 – Realize I don’t want to take Organic Chem and begin to pursue new dream of a Bachelor’s in Communication.

May 2008 – Decide to stay in Fayetteville, Arkansas and get a job with an advertising company. July 2008 – Break my back and move to Flower Mound, Texas. Broken back: one. Job status: none.

Dreams change, wishes are sometimes put on hold, and bucket lists are usually not laminated (unless you are Martha Stewart…but then your bucket list for this year should just be to invest better….). So this year, at the end of summer 2011, I decided a marathon needed to be on my bucket list. And this year, I was going to cross it off that list, goshdarnit!

So come Sunday afternoon, I’ll either be face down in a puddle of my own sweat and sick (oh Lordy….), or miraculously still standing, smiling brightly at the fact that I managed to finish 26.2 miles and only break down once :)….I mean, who are we kidding….running for 4 1/2 hours is sure to bring about a LARGE range of emotions. At some point, there will be tears…it’s just science, people 🙂

So what does this all have to do with the treasury today? Absolutely nothing. I just really needed to vent a bit of this pent-up nervousness and excitement, and you just so happened to be reading. I apologize for talking about my “sweat and sick” (and mentioning it again now), and would like to make it up to you by getting to the point of this Friday post….shopping.

Today’s treasury is about things I love, because when it comes down to it, I run because I love it. Yes, I may complain, and yes, the boy probably hates it when I say I can’t stay up late because I need to run the next morning, but deep down, below the flurry of butterflies, there is a spark inside that ignites when I’m out on the road. So  here’s to some other things I love….Cheers!

shops showcased (left to right):











hearts and hugs,



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