The blessed holiday season is nearing, and I am already humming jingle bells, drinking egg nog lattes, and dreaming about sugar plum fairies (although that might be from the questionable soy milk that I drank…).

No matter what each year brings, there are the constants I look forward to: Thanksgiving matinee movies, my mom’s casseroles and stuffing, spending time with family, and having a slew of legit excuses under my belt for when my credit card bills start coming in. I mean, I was Christmas shopping…buying presents for loved ones! Could I help it if a few pairs of boots and that gorgeous fur lined capelet got tossed in the bags as well? Chalk it up to a shopper’s high, which, by the way, is the equivilent to a runner’s high (according to Becca-pedia). I also look forward to travelling. If travelling during the holidays was a Nascar event, my family would be the overall-wearing, trucker hat donning, RV-pulling, six-pack slugging crazy fans who haven’t missed a race since the days of Dale Earnhardt. Basically, we love it (if you couldn’t catch that from my subtle reference). This year Thanksgiving will be spent in Austin, Tx, while Christmas time will find us cutting our time between Dallas and Savannah, Georgia. Needless to say, I’m already looking forward to a sweet, Southern Christmas!

I’ve even started putting together a wish list, hoping that the boy Santa’s elves will see it and start plotting my “surprises”. 😉 I’ve also come up with a less conventional list of holiday hopes…take a look, maybe you’ll agree with some?

My unconventional Holiday wish-list:

1. That Thanksgiving will fall on Opposite day this year, and I’ll actually lose weight with the more I eat.

2. That sales people at the mall will magically toss in extra discounts (and a kind smile) if I spend more money.

3. That all my gifts when brought home will get wrapped and placed under the tree by the teeny little mice from Cinderella. I seriously hate gift-wrapping.

4. That it will snow on Christmas morning, but only big fluffy flakes, like the ones in White Christmas.

5. That the Cowboys would actually win the football game on Thanksgiving Day.

6. That the credit card company will reward me for my good business by upping my credit limit.

7. That Spanx would come out with a new line of Thanksgiving pants (a la Joey on Friends) that are also classy enough to wear to every party I attend at Christmas time.

8. That I won’t get tipsy on the spiked cider and start to cry and say inappropriate things to strangers at parties.

9. That I will finally win “Best Thanks” on Thanksgiving. Without my brother there this year, I actually have a shot.

and finally…

10. That I would limit myself to listening to Christmas songs on Pandora only on the days that end in “Y”. 😉

so what’s on your holiday wish list this year??

hearts and hugs,



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