very groovy baby, yeahhh!

(Did you catch the Austin Powers reference??)

This weekend was a whirlwind of fun, starting off with a wedding downtown for our friends, Sean Rae and Anna Anthony. The ceremony was at our church down in Dallas, while the reception was held at an old industrial warehouse style building down in South Dallas….the juxtaposition of the beautiful building to the surrounding not-so-comfycosy neighborhood was pretty spectacular. Let’s just say if I could have double locked our car door I would have :).

Bright and early Saturday morning the boy and I headed off on our weekend mini-road trip, stopping first at the Dallas Farmer’s Market to pick up some goodies for the road. Once we’d loaded up on apples and grapes (and one particularly spikey pineapple), we set off on the 3 1/2 hour drive down south. With the hip hop tunes blasting, we dance partied ourselves silly the whole way down. I’ve always believed the key to a successful road trip is a stellar playlist. Well, that, and multiple lattes from Starbucks. What can I say, I have an affinity for the new holiday flavors! It’s only fair that I give them all a chance! Can I help it if that occurs in the same day? 😉

Arriving in Austin at lunchtime, thanks to the BIL’s suggestion, we landed ourselves at Torchy’s Tacos on 1st street. The outdoor food truck setting was just what we wanted, and the tacos and chips/guac did not disappoint! Vegetarian options were scarce, so I settled on the Brush Fire, which consisted of chicken, jalapeños, mango, sour cream, and the diablo hot sauce….yes please! I always say, if I’m not crying because of the heat, it’s not working! Chris ordered some meaty concoctions which I cannot remember the names of (I was too busy licking the guacamole from my fingers to ask). After refueling, we headed one block over to South Congress, a street made up of tons of food trucks, vintage and antique stores, and specialty shops. It was a beautiful day, slightly windy, but nice and warm, so people were all over the place, shopping, milling around, enjoying the outdoors. We scoured a few vintage shops, and each made purchases for ourselves at Bohemia, one of my favorite stores on the strip. The boy scored a rather cute grey and white striped sweater vest, while I snagged a green and navy dress circa 1970. It immediately caught my eye, and I couldn’t help but think of Mary Tyler Moore when I saw it. Lurve!

After wandering for a while through Congress and downtown, we set off for my sister’s place to meet up with her and the BIL. After chatting a bit and cleaning up (since apparently I’d accumulated about an inch worth of dirt thanks to the lovely wind), we headed out to Romeo’s, a quaint little Italian place not far from their house. We started with a round of drinks: ginger mojitos for the girls, (virgin for the pregger sis) beers for the boys, and bruschetta for the table. I ordered the salmon for my entree, which came with a flavorful parmesan risotto and mixed grilled vegetables. Yum!

After dinner, we were all pretty wired still, and decided to go on a hunt for dessert. 10 minutes later we found ourselves inside Central Market, our noses pressed against the glass dessert case, oogling the goodies inside. I may have drooled a little, but I couldn’t tell as my tongue was still fuzzy from the multiple mojitos…Note to self: never order drinks that taste like candy. You will want to drink LOTS of them.

We all purchased some goodies, then headed back to the casa (after a brief stop at a home depot-type store….homeowners and their shopping…sheesh) to watch a movie and relax. Toy Story 3 was popped in the player, cozies were put on, and wine was uncorked. Bliss.

Sunday morning we had a lazy wake up, snuggling on the couch till the sun rose. John went out for kolaches and donuts while the rest of us snacked on fruit and coffee….The boy and I hit the road around 10am, making it home with enough time for me to get a run in before SND. The running gods were not in my favor, however, and I could barely do 6 miles before racing home to “bow to the porcelain god”. I’m thinking it might have been the expired creamer from the morning…or the fact that the only liquids I had taken in that weekend were in latte or cocktail form….hmmmm. Oops.

Needless to say, the night ended well, with dinner, Newsies, and more couch time with the boy.

did you have a good weekend?

hearts and hugs,




  1. I had a GREAT weekend. Time with my sis always makes life better.

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