i’m pinned…

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve found another site where I can spend oodles of my free time soaking up the creative juices of friends and strangers, all the while pinching myself for not thinking to create the same beautiful crafts and food products that are pinned. Basically, I spend much of my time with glazed eyes and red skin….it’s a harsh life, really.

I came across a board the other day made by an old Pine Cove friend of mine, and couldn’t stop laughing at each of the posters she had pinned. Since I’m a huge fan of laughter (seriously, I wake up laughing some days…it’s quite peculiar…), I thought I’d share some of the fun with you…enjoy!

hearts and hugs,




  1. These are hilarious! You’ve got me hooked on someecards! I especially love the one “if you see my running, call the police.” Hilarious and kind of true!
    P.s. I looove your new banner!

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