halloween hoopla and hullabaloo…

This weekend was another flurry of good family, good fun, good friends, and goooood food. We started off the weekend right by holding our Halloween party on Friday night. A few people in the group had a triathlon on Sunday, so rather than force them to limit their craziness at the party by hosting it on Saturday, we scheduled the bash for that Friday instead. The theme was “BLUE”, and indeed, it was blue. I’m still not quite sure of some of the outfits that were there that night, but all in all, the party was a blast. I painted my nose blue, and went as someone who “blew her nose”, while the boy, and our friend Paul, both dressed as Mel Gibson’s character from Braveheart…yup, they even pleated their own kilts.  I know…I’m impressed too! There were blue cake balls, blue cupcakes, blue queso, and my blueberry vodka punch. I’m pretty sure my tongue was still blue the next morning from all the the blue icing….yummmm…..

Saturday was rather uneventful, starting off with a quick 10 mile run, followed by fabric shopping with my mother. Thanks to my ability to make snap decisions when it comes to fashion and shopping, she usually takes me along with her when she shops for her home. Otherwise, I’m sure she’d still be in store right now! After church that night, she and I went to Fuzzy’s Tacos together…gotta have the mom-daughter time while the papa is in Asia!

Sunday morning, I was up bright and early at 6am to cheer on my good friends Maile, Lyndsey, Hannah, and Josh in the Monster Sprint triathlon over in Keller. Watching them swim, bike and run to the cheers of the crowd actually got me excited about my own marathon race November 13th. I’ve been pretty nervous about it so far, but seeing the energy of the crowd, and knowing that there would be TONS of supporters at my race, made me a little less antsy about the 26.2 miles. After spending all morning at the race, we finished the afternoon with some much needed sustenance at the Twisted Root Burger Company, then promptly went home to all crash in our beds. 2 hours later, and then another quick 3 miles after that, I was showered and ready for SND…breakfast for dinner on the menu!

Yet another great way to end the weekend…

how was yours?

hearts and hugs,



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