fotos, fairs, fried food and furry creatures…

This weekend was a whirlwind of fun activities, starting with some relaxing time at the Terrace on Friday night. The original plan was to have a bonfire/s’mores/whiskey gathering down at Lake Grapevine, but due to an unfortunate burn ban, as well as crowded camp sites, we moved la festa back home for a more relaxed evening of games, food, and of course, hysterical laughter. I was completely exhausted for some reason, and actually spent the good part of an hour curled up on a couch in the living room, peacefully snoring while my friends talked in the kitchen. Rough life, I know. 😉 Some call it lame, I call it prepping for Saturday morning’s death run.

That’s right, bright and early the next day I popped out of bed and began my preparations for my 22 mile training run. A lá Ross and Monica of Friends, I did my pre-run list check off. Water? Check. Gu packets? Check. Credit card, house key, rockin’ tunes? Check, Check and Check to the yes. After carbin’ it up, I set out on my pre-planned route, intending to head roughly 12-14 miles out, looping back around to eventually end up back at home. I started out with loads of energy, smiling, enjoying the cool morning air, allowing the steady beats of Marc Broussard to carry me up and over hills. My legs felt strong, my breathing was controlled. For the first 8-10 miles I remembered why I love to go out on a run. It was peaceful, it was quiet, it felt good. At one point along the way I called my mom (yes, I’m able to talk AND text while running…it’s a gift..) to tell her I’d be running by their house, and could she come out with their dog, Maya, to say hi? I was due for a packet of Gu anyways, so why not? After greeting the little one-eyed cockapoo and my mom, still in her pj’s, I took off again, still feeling strong, still energized with confidence. Around mile 15, though, the confidence started to wane, and steadily decreased as I also realized I had gone a bit out of my original route, and was, in fact, further away than planned. Not exactly heart-warming news. After a quick stop for gatorade, I decided to just buck up and go, saying to myself speed wasn’t an issue, I just needed to finish. And finish I did! 22.5 miles later, I finally came to an end, about a quarter of a mile away from my apartment. The only reason I stopped running when I did was because at that moment my right knee seemed to be saying, “If you take one more step, I’m defecting from your body and joining forces with the pavement”. Smartly, I listened, and slowed to a walk. 3 hours and 35 minutes later I trudged up my 3 flights of stairs, soaked in sweat, and collapsed on my living room floor with two bags of frozen brussel sprouts. No, I wasn’t hungry, the sprouts were for my knees…I’m cheap and use frozen veggies for ice packs, don’t you? After icing, decompressing, and shoving a half of a bagel down my throat for some kind of sustenance, I got ready for the rest of the day…which included a photo shoot! My dear friend Lindsay has been thinking about buying a new lense for her camera, and wanted to test one out on me and my fellow “poodle”, Lyndsey. So, Saturday afternoon we headed out to a couple different places to play around. The first was the Feed Mill in Old Town Lewisville, while the second was an abandoned barn out by the landfill….very crazy, but both allowed for some great shots! It was so much fun to just let loose and act like models for an afternoon with my best friends. I’ll be sure to post pics once Linz has finished editing. 🙂

On Sunday, after sleeping till the glorious hour of 8:30am, I headed out with the boy to brunch downtown. We chose The Grape, a quaint little place in the Lower Greenville area..and it didn’t disappoint! Eggs, fruit (for me), bacon (for him), toast, banana pepper hash….and lots of mimosas! I think this is why I love brunch so much….it’s just a fancy way of saying, “hey, let’s drink at breakfast!” Lurve.

Once we’d filled up on the good stuff, we parked at Mockingbird station and rode the DART rail into Fair Park for the last day of the State Fair!

On the agenda: the animals (for me) and auto show (for him). I’m telling you, if I didn’t hate the smell and clean up of all those furry creatures, I would have taken every single one of them home! Well, except for the alpacas…I hear they spit.

Another item on the boy’s agenda? Fried food….and lots of it! He ended up purchasing a fried snickers and fried butter (yes, you read that right). I actually tried one of the butter balls (TWSS) and had to choke that bad boy down. I can’t even describe the taste, other than to say I think my heart stopped beating for a few seconds thanks to the artery clogging batter they coat the already artery clogging butter in…I believe the below sign should have read “Big Ass Texas” instead of “Big As Texas”.

Either way…the Fair’s motto in regards to fried food seems to be “The sky’s the limit!” as they were frying up anything that moved, including small children not leashed to their parents. 🙂 It IS the fair, though, and I have to say, you can’t have a true fair experience without partaking in some type of battered goodness. Just don’t complain if you suddenly feel verrrrrry sleepy later on….

After the fair, we suddenly felt verrrrrry sleepy, and decided to head home instead of continuing on to the Dallas Arboretum. Upon arrival, shoes were off, Hitch was put in the dvd player, and we snoozed on the couch till it was time to head off to SND.

The night ended with baseball, bean dips, brownies, and blankets. Bliss…..

How was your weekend?

hearts and hugs,




  1. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! This was all very wonderful and funny, but my favorite part was about your knee defecting and joining forces with the pavement. Brilliant!

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