friday favorites…

Tomorrow I’m tackling a 22 mile run for my marathon training. I’m not sure which thing I’ll be most scared of afterwards: the tired legs or the chafing marks I get from my sports bra….those suckers hurt like a MOTHER LOVER! And when you sweat as much as I do, the salt to skin ratio is quite overwhelming…not that you needed to know that. 😉 I’ve got to figure out a good method for keeping the burns at bay come marathon day or else taking a shower after the race is going to be one painful experience! Now, I know we could all sit around and talk some more about chafing, sports bras, and jello legs for hours on end, but I actually wanted to do some shopping today too. So let’s compromise, shall we?

Today’s treasury is dedicated to the outdoorsy types, the rough and ready folk, the not-afraid-of-a-little-dirt community. Basically, it’s geared towards the people I have the least amount in common with. You ask me to go camping, I immediately pester you with questions on the cleanliness of the bathroom facilities. You say you want to go hiking, I start planning the picnic basket menu for when we get to stop off in the cute “Disney-esque” clearing to have a little nosh. You tell me you want to enter a dirty, grubby Tough Mudder 5k race? Well, that actually sounds pretty awesome…I’ll join you for that one. 🙂

shops showcased (left to right):











hearts and hugs,



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