fawning over fall…

I’ve spotted a lot of woodland trends all over the internet lately, and I have to say, I’ve been very pleasantly happy about this one! If you came to my office here at JCP, you’d see that I have a plethora of creatures “lounging” around my workspace: Berenstein (the bear), Polly (the peacock), Chuck (the duck), Teddy, Roosevelt, Calvin and Coolidge (the four birds), and finally Swinger, the monkey. By now you’re probably thinking I’m some type of hoarding crazy person (seriously, why did they hire her??), but not to worry…all the animals are fake, all were rescued from a certain dumpster pile demise after previous Season Line Previews, and all, thanks to my added touches and style tips are uncharacteristically fashionable (Berenstein sports a plaid, fur-lined jacket, thankyouverymuch!)! I have rings from H&M that resemble deer, birds, and even a possum. I wear sweaters in the winter time portraying moose walking among snow-covered trees. I even have a wacky desire to own a pet rabbit so I can walk it on a leash. 🙂

Some call it strange, I call it quirky 🙂

Regardless of your choice of words about my own style….what do you think about the fall woodland fashion? Are you a fan? Here are some of my favorites I’ve seen across the web so far….

**I own the pave swallow ring…love it!

hearts and hugs,




  1. I went to Francesca’s Collections the other day and I was overwhelmed by the amount of owl jewelery! At first my friend and I joked about how silly we’d look wearing some of it, but after 30 minutes in the store, you better believe we each left with something owl! Totally grew on my and am rocking my owl necklace right now 😉

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